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OOC: Yay Infopost Bandwagon!
Yay new characters! They're so shiny!

Blue Sargent (yogurtvore) hails from Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Cycle, which is the same series as thegreywaren but not the same timeline--Blue is coming to you from precanon. Eventually, she will go to the church watch on St. Mark's Eve with her aunt and, for the first time in her life, see a ghost, but she's not there yet. So who is she?

Blue is the daughter of Maura Sargent, of 300 Fox Way in Henrietta, Virginia. Henrietta is the home of the Aglionby Academy, with its Raven Boys, whom Blue has sworn off as a matter of common sense. 300 Fox Way is home of a large number of women, most of whom are related to Blue in some way, and all of whom are psychics--except for Blue, that is. Blue isn't a psychic. Blue is a mirror. This means she amplifies psychic or magical abilities just by being near someone who has them, and at this time, since that's always been helpful to her family, she hasn't had any reason to learn to control it. She's used to a certain degree of weirdness from living in a family full of genuine psychics, but not quite on the Fandom scale yet.

Oh, and there's a curse on Blue: if she kisses her true love, they'll die. So don't expect her to go kissing anyone, just in case.

Blue clocks in somewhere just under five feet tall and is athletically compact (probably the result of riding her bike everywhere), with a rather eccentric sense of style: she's often found in things like a shirt made out of bottle caps or a bunch of t-shirts layered over each other, one of which has been shredded, and she styles her short, black hair with a bunch of clips to make it spiky and messy. So you could say I had some trouble with the PB. Use your imaginations. Blue has a lot of opinions about things like the patriarchy and capitalism, and she's not afraid to express them and call others out on their bs.

For reasons not entirely clear, Blue seems to subsist mainly on yogurt.

Brian O'Conner (10secondcar) hails from The Fast and the Furious series, where he is played by Paul Walker (may he rest in peace). You know these movies. Even if you've never seen one, you're probably familiar with the concept: cars go really fast and are used in ways that seem improbable, given the laws of physics, to pull off various heists and missions. There's a strong emphasis on family, and how families are built, and honestly not a lot more going on under the surface. These movies are not deep introspective art, and we like them like that.

Brian starts out in the series as an undercover cop who is assigned to infiltrate Dominic Toretto's gang of street racers and find out who is behind a series of thefts of electronic shipments involving matching Honda Civics. Unfortunately, along the way he falls in love with Dom Dom's sister, Mia, and falls victim to Dom's gravity wait is that code?, and when the chips are down and it becomes apparent Dom and his friends are the culprits, he helps rescue them from a tight spot and then gives Dom the keys to his car so he can flee. He then winds up on the run, and is given a chance to clear his name in (this pains me to type) 2 Fast 2 Furious by taking down a drug lord in Miami, after which he joins the FBI and spends five years doing deep cover missions before the fourth movie, Fast and Furious (Yes, the first movie was The Fast and the Furious. Titling conventions that make sense are for other series.) And so that's where Brian comes to Fandom from: between movies 2 and 4 (3's place in the chronology is complicated, but Brian isn't in it, so don't worry about it for now), he's assigned to investigate a case involving street racers in Baltimore, with the job at Fandom High arranged as part of his cover.

Brian is...not a great cop. He cares about justice, but his sense of it doesn't necessarily line up with the justice system's, and all of that gets thrown out the window when Dom Toretto gets put in the mix. He did time in juvie when he was a kid, and he genuinely loves cars and street racing, which he is really, really good at: the only person in the series who can consistently beat him is Dom, who is some kind of street racing god. He looks like the quintessential California surfer boy, blond hair and blue eyes and a megawatt smile, and he is at the same time both laid back and competitive. His interests include things that go fast (especially Japanese imports), beaches, and Torettos.

And for my other characters, go here and here!

Questions? Comments? Supplementary gifs?

I hope this class includes 'Shifting Makes The Car Faster' and 'Infinite Gears!!!!!!1'

We will also cover such topics as "NOS: When to Use It." (The answer is always. Always use the NOS.)

If someone from Henrietta had to show up, WHY COULDN'T IT BE GANSEY? OR PARRISH? Or Calla who would kick my ass and who I probably secretly adore for that?

FWIW, I dig the PB choice though I know she had to be a tough one to find. Maggie certainly made Blue unique (in so many good ways).

Also, BRIAN. He will be Ronan's exception to the UGH TEACHERS JUST FLUNK ME rule.

I just feel a little bit of happy every time I know we're getting Brian on island. I am such a sap.

(Shush, I watched the first, second and fourth movie every time I felt like crap a few years ago, and am also a filthy shipper.)

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(Filthy shippers with a lot of feelings unite!)


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